Dear community members,

As you may know, the primary purpose of PMI Morocco Chapter (PMI MC), is to provide value to its members and stakeholders in our country. This value can be provided in many ways and the Project Management Institute (PMI) has identified membership retention and growth as fundamental issues facing most chapters. PMI also recommends several sources to design a strategic plan with the chapter objectives, and the gaps that need to be addressed.

Our engagement as Board members is making sure that the chapter members’ needs are being met while ensuring the PMI Strategic focus is being also met and to plan effectively, a critical consideration is the knowledge of the current state of our Chapter and the desired future state within the next two years.

That’s why, we decided as a Board, that our planning process will be mainly guided by a needs analysis and the PMI’s Core Service review, so your inputs and answers, to this needs assessment survey, will allow us to identify the services that will best meet the needs of the chapter membership in alignment with the PMI’s Strategic plan.

The needs assessment survey is structured including two main sections:


The first section about your background and membership will inform our strategic plan and help us ensure that PMI Morocco Chapter remains responsive to members’ evolving needs. Your inputs are important for several reasons such as:

  • Understanding your needs and preferences which will help us tailor our services and programs to better meet your specific needs.
  • Identifying potential gaps in services by assessing the demographics of your membership. We can identify any gaps in our current services or programs.
  • Improving communication and engagement by understanding our members’ backgrounds which can help us tailor our strategy and action plan to resonate with your specific interests and needs.
  • Building stronger relationships as we have a genuine interest in getting to know you as individuals. This can foster stronger relationships and trust, which can lead to greater loyalty and support to the PMI MC.

The primary purpose of our chapter -PMI MC- is to provide value to its members and stakeholders. The second section about strategic planning includes:

  1. Mission, Vision and Values of PMI Morocco Chapter
  2. Value of membership and volunteering
  3. Learning events and topics
  4. Communication

Mission and vision

As you may know, PMI Morocco Chapter is dedicated to advancing the practice, science, and profession of project management in Morocco in a conscious and proactive manner.

The purposes of the PMI Morocco Chapter include missions such as :

  • Promote the practice and profession of project management.
  • Support the professional development of project management professionals.
  • Encourage the adoption of project management practices by corporations, government and other entities.Create networking opportunities for project management practitioners.Support the profession and practice of project management in all cities and regions in Morocco to foster professionalism in the management of projects.
  • Stimulate appropriate global application of project management for the benefit of the general public.

The Chapter needs to develop a vision statement that communicates our commitment to leveraging project management discipline as a catalyst for positive change in Morocco. It will emphasize our dedication to empowering communities by instilling effective project management practices, ultimately contributing to the long-term sustainability of development initiatives in our country.


PMI Morocco Chapter needs to define its values as a crucial step in establishing our identity, guiding our actions, and creating a positive impact in relation with our environment and context in Morocco, in alignment with PMI Culture Values and behaviors. Our values should resonate with our mission within our country and reflect the principles that guide our work as a local chapter.

PMI Strategic Plan

PMI has a long history of success in advancing the practice of project management and empowering people to make ideas a reality. With the support of its members and the project management community, PMI is confident that it can achieve its goals and make a positive impact on the world.

The PMI Strategic Plan (2021-2024) outlines the organization’s goals for the next four years. The plan is focused on three Strategic pillars :

  • Broaden our reach
  • Extend our impact
  • Build lasting relationships.

Your implication and dedication to answer this survey will provide significant support to our Chapter’s direction in the development of specific goals and deliverables that are appropriate for our Chapter, easily achievable, and in perfect alignment with PMI’s guidelines.

We urge each and every one of you to spare 15 to 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to complete this survey by December 1st, 2023. Your thoughtful responses will be greatly appreciated and will help us tremendously.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

PMI MC’s Board Members


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